**Congrats to Beth Thaxton!! The winner of our UNC vs. NC State Tickets!**

The correct answer: 4.4 miles from 6119-F Farrington Road to the Dean Dome on Skipper Bowles Drive

Route for UNC? Route for NC State? Have a divided house? Don’t tell me that you route for both…. Either way, O2 Fitness has tickets to the UNC vs. NC State game, where friends, family and enemies can come together and route for two local teams under one roof!

Be the first to answer the question below correctly and win 2 tickets to the Saturday January 29th, UNC vs. NC State basketball game (2:00pm)!

EXACTLY how far away is O2 Fitness Falconbridge from the Dean Dome? (We’re talking the shortest distance, in miles)

You have until 3:30pm today (1/25) to answer in the comments section below. First person to answer correctly wins!

The clock is ticking….