O2 Fitness @ Seaboard Station offers an explosion of FREE TRX demo’s Wednesday through Friday of this week for our Fall Into Fitness Member Appreciation Celebration.

It all kicks off this Wednesday September 28th:

Kinesis/TRX Fusion @ 6:30am with Gail Hall: Gail utilizes both TRX suspension training and our Kinesis wall in a cardio and strength training hybrid class.  Known as “Gail Force,” her small group training style is sure to knock the wind out of you.

TRX Introductory Class @ 12:00pm with Sandra Axman and Hunter Barham: This is a great chance to experience TRX training for the first time and get the technique down pat before advancing on to the harder group fitness classes.  With both Sandra and Hunter teaching the class, there will be plenty of corrective help and spotting available to participants.

TRX H.I.T. with Doug Haan @ 5:45pm: H.I.T. stands for High Intensity-Interval Training.  Basically Doug is going to “hit” you hard with TRX strength training mixed high intensity step cardio intervals.  This is the BEST way to burn the most calories possible in a short amount of time and get an explosive muscle pump all in the same!

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