personal training

Are you looking for a personal trainer?

O2 Fitness has you covered! We have experienced, professional and highly knowledgeable personal trainers throughout our North Carolina and South Carolina fitness centers. Each new membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions, so be sure to take advantage of yours!

Benefits of Hiring an O2 Fitness Personal Trainer:

At O2 Fitness, working with one of our personal trainers can help you get started on the path towards achieving your fitness and nutritional goals. Each O2 Fitness personal trainer is a skilled professional with years of experience in exercise science and physiology, nutrition and have worked with people from a variety of fitness backgrounds.

Why you should hire a personal trainer instead of doing it alone:

  • Faster Results with personalized exercise programming
  • Professional Guidance to keep you safe
  • Better workout experience so you enjoy your workouts
  • Accountability and motivation to make sure you stick with it


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