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Our Mount Pleasant Personal Training team at O2 Fitness Johnnie Dodds were selected from the ranks of local athletes and health educators. Uniquely compiled to comprehensively address all areas of fitness, this team of personal trainers is known for helping members achieve even the most ambitious strength, endurance, weight loss, mobility, and other fitness goals.

Personal training provides our Johnnie Dodds members the outlet of fitness that helps them best meet their goals. Because each lifestyle, body, and goal is different, sustainable progress often requires personalized attention and insight. With the help of personal training, we raise the bar on our member’s fitness success and potential.

The O2 Fitness network recognizes the correlation between personal training and fitness success, which is why each new O2 Fitness membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions. Visit O2 Fitness Johnnie Dodds to take advantage of your free personal training sessions today!

Meet the Johnnie Dodds Personal Trainers

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Personal Training Near Me

You can find our Johnnie Dodds O2 Fitness location right off of Highway 526, making it convenient to members throughout eastern Mount Pleasant and beyond. If you are looking for a new Mount Pleasant gym that offers personal training, group fitness variety, empowering class instructors, and a wealth of membership benefits, O2 Fitness Johnnie Dodds location is the right fit for you.

Each new membership comes with 2 free personal training sessions, so be sure to take advantage of yours!

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