Written by Anne Potter, Group Fitness Manager @ O2 Fitness Falls/540

Once upon a long time ago, I so vividly remember being on a treadmill at an NC gym and watching people piling out of the indoor cycling room.  You’ve all seen it and know what I’m talking about.  Faces beet red and soaked from head to toe but sporting a perma-grin like they actually enjoyed it.  AND, I remember thinking, you will NEVER see me taking a spin class or any group fitness class for that matter.  Why on earth would those people want to do that to themselves?

Well, what’s that Justin Beiber song?   NEVER SAY NEVER! I laugh now that I not only teach that class but am also a Group Fitness Manager.  Here’s a little secret … I got started with group exercise not because I was motivated to lose tons of weight or because of health reasons, or because I had something to prove to myself or a fear to conquer (although I admit I was terrified to set foot in the cycling room). I got involved because quite frankly I was tired of hearing toddler tunes all the time.  Yes, I wanted to hear some good, loud music!

So this gets me to my point, whatever the reason, as serious or silly as it may be just take a chance. Call it a leap of faith or a personal invitation from me to step outside of your comfort zone a little and try a group fitness class.  There’s always other newbies there and the instructors go over the basics prior to beginning.  If you don’t have fun and enjoy it, try another class.  You may just find “your thing.”  You may even become an indoor cycling junkie, a sh’bammer or maybe even a yogi or zumbie.  Oh my! The wonderful world of possibilities you will discover and results you will begin to see with group fitness.

If I haven’t yet persuaded you with my personal story and subtle sarcasm than how about let’s talk calories and benefits of some of our classes. That usually perks ears.  Of course calories burned depends a lot upon the individual.

  1. Inner Strength: Up to an average of 600 calories.   Moderate to bursts of higher intensity.  Options are offered for all fitness levels.  Sculpts hard to target areas with simple, functional movements. Improves balance, flexibility, core strength that takes other sports and workouts to the next level.  To the tune of soothing drum beats and funky tribal remixes.  Shoes optional!
  2. RPM: Up to 620 for 45 minutes and upwards of 800+ for 60 minutes.  Moderate to high intensity. Improves heart & lung fitness and increases strength & endurance. Biggest bang for your buck in terms of calories burned in 45 minutes!  All to the tune of the latest hard-hitting pop tunes & remixes.
  3. BodyCombat: Up to 545 calories per 55 minute class.  High intensity. Martial-arts-inspired cardio. Tones & shapes. Increases strength & endurance & builds self-esteem. Latest hard-hitting pop tunes.
  4. SH’BAM: Up to 400 calories. Moderate intensity. Dance inspired cardio. Tones & shapes, develops self -expression and improves coordination.  Also burns calories and is a super fun workout!  Chart topping hits and remixed beats.
  5. BodyFlow: Up to 340 calories per 55 minute class. Low intensity. Inspired by yoga, tai chi & pilates.  Improves joint flexibility & range of motion.  Tones & shapes and enhances mental awareness.  Soulful, calming & inspiring tunes.
  6. BodyPump: Up to 560 calories per 60 min class. Moderate to high intensity. Weights-based resistance training. Increases strength & endurance, tones & shapes and helps maintain proper bone health.  The latest hard-hitting pop tunes.

Now that you know what to expect, go get fit and have fun doing it … one group fitness class at a time!