Written by Chris Mitchell, Group Fitness Instructor, O2 Fitness Brennan and Falls

Ever wondered what all those people were talking about when they mentioned how awesome BodyPump @ O2 Fitness was? Well, here is your chance to take a sneak peak of an O2 BodyPump before walking into a class! (which you will after you see this video!)

BodyPump (a Les Mills certified class)is a highly effective choreographed weight training workout that uses barbells and plates.  The class is broken down into 10 tracks designed to warm you up, work the major muscle groups in the legs, core, arms, shoulders, and chest, and then cool you down, all to amazing music. The class structure focuses on repetitions in order to achieve high muscle endurance and leanness, safely through good technique.  The experience offers the energy of being in a group, with the expertise of an instructor who can guide form and symmetry.  The class can vary greatly according to the tracks the instructor picks week to week, which keep things energized and creative, and keeps the body reacting.

It is important, especially when new to BodyPump, to watch your weight choices carefully, and focus on proper form before weight addition.  If you’re used to weight training, you may be able to go with the weight choices used by the instructor and more experienced members.  However, it is important to remember that each muscle track is approximately 5+ minutes long with little recovery.  If you are new to weight training/exercise, you need to go light with weights, and possibly no weight during lunges.

Make sure to talk with your instructor before class to get detailed instruction, and so he/she can monitor your form closely during the class.  Once you’re comfortable with the class structure, you can then start adding weight according to your needs to achieve maximum benefits.  Remember: as you become more experienced, your weights may stay relatively consistent from class to class, but you are still achieving muscular endurance and strength!

So come on in and Pump it up with the best instructors in the Triangle! Wear comfortable workout clothing and good sneakers, bring a water bottle, weight training gloves if you have them, and a small towel to wipe off all the sweat!

Find out when the next BodyPump class is available at your favorite O2 location – click here.

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