Our members here at O2 Fitness Clubs are why we continue to love what we do. Your fitness stories of change, transformation and success are proof of why staying fit and healthy are important. They’re also encouragement to the other members who see you work so hard!

David G has caught the eye of many members during his membership with our O2 Fitness Cary location. David is an active participant in our Group X fitness programs including RPM, BodyAttack and BodyPump which has helped him not only shed his weight loss, but stay consistent and committed. Here’s what David had to say:


Hi! My name is David Guiton and I’ve been a member of O2 Fitness for almost 3 years. Since becoming a member, I’ve discovered the Group Fitness programs and really loved being a part of the ones offered at O2 Fitness Cary. I attend the cardio-fueled RPM and BodyAttack regularly along with BodyPump for a full body workout. Of course, I enjoy the group fitness classes as a whole, but the truth is that even though we’re working out, it truly is a fun time with a great group of people. The music also keeps me motivated during the entire class – I really enjoy the songs they pick.

The classes have helped increase my endurance and challenges me to push harder every time. In the process of loving and attending these classes, I’ve also burned a lots of fat and achieved a 95 pound weight loss. But I’m not just passionate about indoor cycling and as a result of my RPM classes, I’ve vastly improved on my running. I ran my first 5K race at the Race 13.1 half marathon event a month ago and can’t wait to do more. This past month’s Group X Launch got me really excited and I always look forward to the new challenges, music and choreography that comes with Launch. Especially RPM cycle. Always a great time!

Did you know that all of our group fitness classed are included with every O2 Fitness membership? Visit your club’s class schedule and come see the benefits of Group Fitness for yourself!