…they may not have capes, but they certainly are super heroes, especially our O2 Fitness Dads.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re giving shout outs to some of our Dads that workout with us or work at one of our clubs/offices (or both!) across North Carolina & South Carolina. These guys bring more energy and community to our fit family, while also being healthy, strong role models for their kids and grandkids at home. 

Thanks for making O2 Fitness a better place to be.

Happy Father’s Day to YOU
and every O2 Fitness Dad!


Jay Owens, Father of Twin Girls
O2 Fitness—Falls of Neuse Club, Raleigh, NC

Tim Adkins
O2 Fitness, Fitness Director—Hanover Club, Wilmington, NC

Daniel Brown
O2 Fitness Area Director—Raleigh, NC

Terry Evans
Payroll Administrator 
O2 Fitness, Corporate Office—Raleigh, NC




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