O2 Fitness Signature – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work out at a Signature Club with my current membership?

All current members with multi-club “networking” access are welcome to workout at O2 Fitness Signature Clubs—experience Fitness on Demand classes in the group fitness studio or one of our instructor led classes in the Mind~Body or Indoor Cycling studios. Utilize your two free sessions with a personal trainer and learn new moves on how you can incorporate “The Field” (4,300 square-feet of indoor functional turf) into your workout.

Is there an additional cost for a current member to work out at a Signature Club?

No, there is not an additional charge for current members who have “networking” included in their membership.

What is "networking" access?

“Networking” means that your membership includes access to all club locations. If you have further questions about your membership and access type please reach out to o2@o2fitnessclubs.com.

What’s the difference between an O2 Fitness Signature Club and a non-Signature Club?

O2 Fitness Signature features many exciting new amenities to make your fitness experience as comfortable as possible. Signature Clubs include:

  • Designated stretching and recovery space complete with a padded floor for optimal comfort
  • Virtual group fitness classes available with Fitness On Demand
  • “The Field”  4,300 square-feet of indoor functional training turf
  • Top-of-the-line fitness equipment
  • Resort-style towels
  • Lockers with mobile device charging stations
  • Chilled essential oil-infused towels
  • Kids Club with an oversize indoor playground, climbing area, and fun youth fitness programming
  • And much more!
Does the new location have a pool?

O2 Fitness Signature does not have a pool. Current members are welcome to enjoy the many new amenities offered at the O2 Fitness Signature Club. Your rate is locked in, you will remain at your current monthly rate while new members will see an increase in their investment to become an O2 Fitness Signature member.

Will O2 Fitness be opening a Signature Club near me?

Since the start of 2017 we have renovated or built 14 new clubs and will continue our renovation and community expansion efforts. We always welcome your feedback and would love to hear how we can meet your needs at your O2 Fitness location. Please email o2@o2fitnessclubs.com. Our vision is to be the best Fitness company in North and South Carolina.

How much will Kids Club cost at an O2 Fitness Signature Club?

Kids Club at O2 Fitness Signature will cost $10 per month for new members. Current members who have added Kids Club to their membership will keep their current price.

What are Kids Club hours for O2 Fitness Signature?

MON – THU 8am – 1pm | 4pm – 7:30pm
FRI 8am – 1pm | 4pm – 7pm
SAT 8am – 1pm

Will O2 Fitness Signature have different hours?

MON – THU 5am – 10pm
FRI 5am – 9pm
SAT – SUN 7am – 7pm