Our members here at O2 Fitness Clubs are why we continue to love what we do. Your fitness stories of change, transformation and success are proof of why staying fit and healthy are important. They’re also encouragement to the other members who see you work so hard!

Sarah Y. joined our O2 Fitness Savannah Hwy location a little over 6 weeks ago. Her second baby was born in February 2015 and at the end of last year she found herself feeling terribly sluggish and unmotivated. Sarah originally joined O2 Fitness with the goal of losing weight. But find out how she not only is motivated to pound the pavement again, but also remembered the importance of switching up her workouts:

After the birth of her second beautiful baby, Sarah knew it was time to get motivated again. As a former marathoner, she was ready to get back into running and start increasing her distance. Sarah was also ready to drop the 30 extra pounds of baby weight from her pregnancy. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to accomplish all three from just running alone, she joined O2 Fitness Savannah Hwy on January 7.

Initially she committed herself to running four days and lifting at the gym three days each week, setting a goal of loosing between one and two pounds a week. After warming up on the treadmill, Sarah then picks a muscle group to work: core, back, abs, arms or legs. “The staff at O2 Fitness have been really helpful with showing me how to safely use the equipment, so I’ve felt braver about mixing up my workouts,” she says.

Since she is still breastfeeding, Sarah sticks to a healthy meal plan, staying away from an extreme diet. “I’m paying attention to carbs, but I’m not cutting them entirely. Sugar is my weakness, so it’s testing my willpower to not dig into the chocolate at around 3:00 pm. Having prepped vegetables or fruit with almond butter and leaving it in my fridge, helps make it easier to grab a healthy snack option instead of junk.”

O2 Fitness Member Sarah Y who is currently down 9.5 pounds since January 7th

Sarah Y who is currently down 9.5 pounds since January 7th

No one was more surprised than Sarah when the scale showed an almost 10 pound weight loss in less than one month! With a combination of mixing up her workouts and eating healthy and balanced foods, she’s been able to see results.

“When I signed up for my first ultramarathon in 2013, a fifty miler, I started lifting weights with a trainer twice a week, and the difference it made was really incredible. I lost 9% body fat in six weeks,” she explained. “My body responds really quickly to weights. I’d never lifted before, so I assumed it would add bulk instead of burn fat.” But on top of her running regimen, just that addition of small to moderate weights repeated to muscle failure made a huge difference and she discovered then how important it was to switch things up at the gym. Seeing this kind of success motivated her to try spinning and hot yoga, so when race day came around, she had different muscle groups to fall back on when fatigued. Sarah finished the mountain race in under 12 hours.

Now she’s able to bring the knowledge from training and the educational tips the O2 Fitness team has given her, to get motivated and start racing again. “I still have a long way to go to get back into distance running shape,” she said. “But if I stick with it, hopefully, by spring, I’ll get my name back on some race bibs!”

Have questions about the equipment in the club? Interested in creating a plan to get you the results that you want? Just ask our friendly staff on how we can help! Plus, every O2 Fitness Clubs membership comes with 2 complimentary Program Design sessions, made specifically for you. Interested in learning more? Click here to read more about our PT program and sign up for your free sessions.

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