In honor of Mother’s day yesterday, meet Abbey! She is one of our instructors, that teaches Bodycombat, literally a Ninja Mom! She have been active since she can remember.  Her mother, while she was growing up taught her brother and herself to live a very healthy and active lifestyle.  Her mom taught them the importance of exercising and eating healthy at a young age.  Now, since she is a mother herself, she vows to do the same with her family.  She has three children and a step daughter who mean the world to her.
Her youngest is Adam.  He is 7 years old and has a love of soccer, and to ride his bike or his scooter. Her middle child Maya and step daughter Kaylee are both gymnasts.  Both girls are 10 years old, and have talked about wanting to be an Olympian in the sport some day! Her oldest Zahra, just turned 12 and for her birthday her wish was to get a o2 gym membership so that she could start attending her group fitness classes. Of course Abbey was thrilled.  Over the past month, she has attended every Bodyattack and Bodycombat class she can. She is so proud of her out there.  As a whole family, they enjoy hikes, jogs, and walks together.
Another activity that she enjoys doing with the girls, is run.  Kaylee, Maya and Zahra all did their first 5k races as 3rd grades as part of the “Girls on the Run” program Abbey coached.  The girls have all done at least one 5k per year since. She believes exercising with your children is a fun and very powerful way to stay connected as a family.
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