Join O2 Fitness Personal Trainers on Zoom for one-hour virtual bootcamps! Get your heart pumping and get creative tips on how to make a great workout in your living room. You’ll receive encouragement and feedback from your coach and connect with the fitness community in this small group setting.

Registration is FREE, but space is limited!

Upcoming Bootcamps

Register for a bootcamp by clicking the Details button. You’ll receive an email confirmation with the private Zoom link, plus information about equipment needed and your setup.

May 2020
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Coaching & Community

Virtual bootcamps from GO2 Fitness will connect you with professional coaching and the fitness community to help keep you safe and social with your workouts from home. Benefits of participating in virtual bootcamps include:

Professional Guidance

Your bootcamp coach will be a certified O2 Fitness Personal Trainer. Their focus will be to show you the proper way to perform each exercise, and then monitor your form and provide realtime feedback. Plus, you’ll have the chance to connect with your coach before and after the bootcamp to ask questions or discuss modifications to fit your needs.


Your coach isn’t just looking to critique your form—they will be there to help you push through each workout with individual shoutouts of encouragement and recognition when you are killing it!

Fitness Family

Craving social connection from home? Virtual bootcamps will connect you with others in the fitness community. Sign up for bootcamps with your friends for a fun way to spend time hanging out virtually. Bootcamps are limited in size, so every participant can be seen, heard and included.