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If you have questions about how COVID-19 affects your membership, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. For details about the steps we are taking to safely operate our clubs, please click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Was I charged for April dues?

Yes, if possible, we are asking that members help us support our team members – both those currently working and those furloughed and receiving benefits – by paying April dues and receiving a credit to be used at any point for the remainder of the year. All members who pay April dues will be made whole by receiving a credit equal to their monthly dues in their member account. In addition, each member will receive a $25 gift voucher in their O2 Rewards account. If you would like to discuss your account – or you do not feel you are able to pay your April dues – please fill out the “contact us” form.

Why was I charged the 15th of the month?

The annual fee of $49 will be drafted for all memberships on the 15th day of the month stated on your membership agreement. This is not a double charge for membership dues. 

How can my April dues credit be applied?

You will receive a credit on your account equivalent to your April dues. You can use this credit however you would like for the remainder of 2020. You can use this towards any month’s dues, you can use it for partial months or you can use it for other things inside the club like personal training or drinks and protein bars. Simply inform one of the team members at your home club how you would like your credit applied.

What is the difference between my dues credit and my rewards store gift voucher?

The gift voucher will be placed in your rewards store account. You can then redeem the voucher for anything available in the rewards store. Rewards points can be redeemed for things like personal training sessions, in-club drinks and protein bars and apparel in O2’s online retail store. You can also simply add these rewards points to your existing total in order to work towards larger items like a free full year of membership.

How will the time missed during March be applied?

The days missed in March will be added to the end of your contract. That is different for each person and contract type, so feel free to reach out with direct questions. The total time you will be compensated for March is 14 days.

I am a Paid In Full member - how does this impact my membership?

If you are a “paid in full member” you do not need to do anything – any time missed from club closure will simply be added to the end of your contract. The clubs were closed for 14 days in March and potentially for the full month of April. For example, if your membership was set to expire on December 1st, 2020 – it would now expire on January 15th, 2021.

How is O2 Fitness helping team members during this time?

These past few weeks have been the most challenging in our organization. We had to make the tough decision to furlough many team members that are so crucial to our day-to-day operations. We did elect to furlough these team members instead of opting for layoffs or terminations in order to still provide access to their benefits like health care and paid time off. In addition, our HR team is constantly keeping furloughed team members apprised of how to secure emergency unemployment funds and updating them anytime new options may be available from the state or federal government. We cannot wait to get these awesome team members back in the clubs with our great members.

We do still have nearly 50 team members working hard to communicate with members, clean and upgrade clubs and prepare new programming items for when we can break the doors down and get back inside.

Do I have access to the online videos through GO2?

All members have access to all that GO2 has to offer by visiting We have moved the workout library to be password protected, but non-members can still sign-up for a free trial. GO2 has more than 100 group fitness class workouts, personal trainer workout tips and more. This is a great way to sample a class and get to know some of the best fitness instructors and personal training coaches in the industry.

I have a monthly draft for my personal training - what is happening to that draft?

The default move was to freeze personal training drafts beginning in April. Personal trainers did reach out to some clients and ask if they would like to keep their draft going in exchange for free bonus sessions in the future, but if you did not speak to anyone, your personal training draft payment should be frozen until the clubs reopen.

Can I do virtual personal training with a trainer if I have never done it before inside the club?

Yes, this is a great time to start with a trainer. We created special packages and pricing that is slightly lower than what you would pay in-club. Check out this page to see more details and get paired with a trainer. In addition to a great way to stay active while you stay at home, this is a fantastic way to provide key additional income for your trainer. It’s also a great chance to check out some of the trainers who may work in other clubs or markets. O2 is lucky to have some of the best trainers in the business and their talents are on display in these 1-on-1 virtual sessions.