O2 Traditional Step

See when and where you can take an O2 Traditional Step® class

Get into Step!

Step is so popular because it’s not your run-of-the-mill exercise course, it’s a guaranteed great time! This energizing, interactive class pumps you up and makes you want to bring it! With easy-to-learn choreography and upbeat music hits of today, you’ll barely notice that you’re getting an impressive cardio workout.

Elevate your fitness

This course incorporates simple choreography set to high-energy tunes for a gut-busting fun time. Through a variety of new and classic aerobic movements on your elevated Reebok step, you’ll get lost in a rhythmic cadence that’ll have you wanting more and more! You’ll engage your lower body and activate your core muscles for improved cardiovascular fitness and a tighter figure over time.

Locations that Offer O2 Traditional Step