Rampage Express

Do you want a more chiseled upper body? Have 30 minutes to spare? Then our Rampage Express fitness class is just for you! This is an upper-body muscle conditioning class that targets the back, shoulders, biceps and triceps to give you the lean, sculpted beach body you’ve always wanted. The best part? This group class is open to ALL fitness levels, so everyone is welcome.

Harden and sharpen your arms with Rampage Express

You’ll perform a variety of unique bodyweight exercises that burn fat and melt away unwanted upper-body flab. What Rampage Express reveals is your true, tight upper body physique. This fitness class is designed to help you realize your true potential, and our motivating instructors help you leave the workout feeling accomplished and satisfied.

Tired of tedious bicep curls and tricep kickbacks? Well, throw away the curl bar and join us at our Rampage Express group class. Your confidence and your upper body will thank you.

What you need to know:

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Intensity level: All Levels

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