O2 Pilates

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O2 Pilates Classes

Are your muscles out of line? Are you feeling soft or unsure about your body’s durability? Good news! O2 Pilates class can help you improve muscle durability and realign your body for a more functional, liberating lifestyle.

Move Easier with O2 Pilates Class

O2 Pilates class combines low-impact movements with the cornerstone twisting, core activating postures of pilates. You’re going to feel this workout throughout your entire body.  You’ll be engaging every muscle to twist, stabilize and breathe. Over time, your muscles will stretch, the range of motion in your joints will increase and your core will be toned and stabilized. This workout class will re-teach basic bodily movements to ultimately improve your posture and prevent injury. Simply put, O2 Pilates class will help make you healthier and more limber.