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Core Strength Classes

You don’t need a six-pack to have healthy abs. Instead, a strong core is all about stability. You see, your muscles love stability because it reduces your risk of injury and makes for more efficient, effective movement – and that’s exactly what Core Strength specializes in.

Great abs are strong abs

In this course you’ll perform a variety of functional movements using a soft, inflated, elastic ball, called a stability ball. Its soft, unstable surface absorbs your body weight, but forces you to activate your core and stabilize your entire body to remain balanced. Core Strength also incorporates strength exercises with light/medium weights to build muscle size and boost endurance. This is, after all, a functional and strength-building class. As you develop that strength, your core becomes more flexible, durable and tighter. You’ll also notice improved breathing and posture. And the best part? Anyone can do it!

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