Les Mills RPM

See when and where you can take a Les Mills RPM® class

Les Mills RPM Classes

Les Mills RPM is a perfect fitness class for the rider inside of you. You’ll tackle a variety of terrains through resistance levels meant to simulate downhill slopes, steep peaks and flat straightaways, that will strengthen every muscle in your leg, engage your core and spike your heart rate to get you in shape. Bottom line, RPM will give your core, legs and heart a fun and intense cardio experience.

The RPM group class experience at O2 Fitness

Your RPM instructor will lead your class through a virtual passage ranging from quad-blasting resistance levels to hip-releasing coasting speeds that engage each part of your lower body and sculpts the muscles you need most. Eventually your lungs will increase in capacity and you’ll notice muscles in your legs you’ve never seen before. Also, similar to O2 Ride, this class is absolutely non-impact, so individuals of all fitness levels are invited to join. It’s easy to burn calories on a treadmill, but your body deserves variety, and the intensity and terrains of RPM give it to you.