Les Mills CXWorx

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Les Mills CXWorx Classes

Have you always wanted a toned core and sturdy body? CXWorx is the workout you’ve longed for. Make no mistake–this is a core workout. However, your core connects to the majority of muscle groups in your body, meaning CXWorx will not only strengthen your middle section – it will tone your lower body and craft your upper body as well. Your abdominal muscles hold everything together, and a strong core means better posture in your everyday life. If you’ve been looking to improve your strength and stability, this group class is perfect for you.

Harness your full-body potential with CXWorx

Using a fitness band, you’ll perform various functional movements that demand an engaged core, stabilized lower body and tightened upper body. This workout hones in on your torso and sling muscles, i.e. the muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body – your core! This means that you’ll increase functionality and durability. Improve your all-around strength and prevent injury with CXWorx.