Kids Fitness Classes

O2 Fitness is now offering classes for kids at clubs near you!

Our Kids Fitness Classes

Regular exercise and an active lifestyle is important for everyone in your family, kids included. O2 is proud to offer kids group fitness programming designed to keep your children active, healthy, and happy.

Looking for an action-packed class combined with a dose of discipline? Kids Karate classes are the perfect opportunity for your little one to learn the basics of martial arts from trained professionals.

O2 Fitness has partnered with Growga to offer kid-friendly yoga classes designed to improved body awareness and mindfulness while providing stress relief. Classes are grouped by children ages 6-10 and children ages 2 to 5. All fitness and experience levels welcome.

Click a class below to learn more details about the class and when and where it’s offered.


Growga brings your family unique, all-ages yoga & mindfulness programming!

Kids Karate

Let your little one learn the basics of martial arts from trained professionals in a fun environment.