All ages yoga and mindfulness programming!

O2 Fitness is excited to team up with Growga to bring your family unique, all-ages yoga & mindfulness programming!


Growga Little Sprouts

Ages 2 to 5

In a Growga Little Sprouts class, children learn basic social emotional learning and mindfulness elements through age-appropriate breath-work techniques, yoga, story time, and creative visualization, all approached in a fun, engaging way. Parents welcome, but not required to participate.

Growga Kids Yoga

Ages 6 to 10

Designed to improve body awareness, and encourage the development of communication and social skills through fun and engaging yoga and mindfulness exercises and games.

Growga Family Yoga

Adults and Kids age 3+

Growga Family classes are designed for the whole family to enjoy together. The classes are centered around bringing stress relief, calm, and focus home through yoga and mindfulness, approached in a fun and accessible way for all experience levels.