Fit for Life

Do you want to get in shape, but are unsure of the right way to do it? If you want to get fit with safe, effective exercises catered to your ability, then Fit for Life is the perfect class for you. You will enjoy the fun atmosphere of a class setting and work on improving your balance, managing your activity and functional capacity whatever your age.

The Fit For Life group class experience

Through low-impact, moderate-intensity exercises with medicine balls and free weights geared toward increasing functionality and stabilizing your infrastructure, Fit for Life can help you realize your fitness potential. Don’t feel limited–when you join this group class, you’ll realize your full fitness potential, all in a motivating environment. If you want to enjoy the company of your peers and have a great time, while maintaining your ideal level of fitness, then attend Fit for Life today!

What you need to know:

  • Duration: Varies
  • Intensity level: Low

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