Fit For Life Cardio

This is a full-body, half hour-long class that is perfect for all fitness levels. Composed of simple instructions with your choice of modified or intensified movements, you can push your body as far as you want. Either way, you’re going to reinforce your major muscle groups and improve your balance with this full-body workout.

The Fit For Life Cardio experience

Consisting of high or low-impact aerobic floor exercises, you can determine the intensity level based on your individual fitness goals and capabilities. The simple choreography and available modified moves of varying intensity make this class perfect for beginners, fit fanatics and even older, active adults. No matter your age, the Fit For Life Cardio group class will boost your cardiovascular performance, strengthen your essential muscle groups, fuse your center of gravity to optimize balance and lengthen your muscles to improve flexibility. With fun, upbeat instructors and a diverse class population, you’ll get a refreshing and unique workout with the Fit For Life fitness class.

What you need to know:

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Intensity level: All Levels

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