See when and where you can take a Chisel class

Chisel Classes

If your body is feeling soft and you’re feeling unproductive, we have the group class for you. Chisel is popular because it works. With a high-intensity level and a broad range of movements, Chisel will sculpt your figure and improve your balance, coordination, endurance and agility. Having a toned physique is more than what’s on the outside, strong muscles help you function in your every day routine, from improving your posture to increasing your resistance to injury.

The Chisel experience

Chisel incorporates strength training, core synergistics, balance techniques, agility training and cardiovascular interval training into one workout. You’ll also push through bodyweight exercises and use hand weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and other tools to increase resistance amount and variety. Such variety is what will improve your cardiovascular performance, burn more calories and chisel your muscles into the form you’ve always wanted. Join us for this fitness class and get started crafting the body of your dreams at O2 Fitness.