Cardio Barre

Combine ballet, yoga, pilates, barre movements and heat, and you get the Cardio Barre group class at O2 Fitness. This class is the HOT product of each of these exercises to give you a refreshing cardio experience that burns fat and engages your core muscles. You’ll perform ballet-inspired yoga and pilates postures that will make you sweat like never before.

The Cardio Barre experience

Like most of our barre group classes, this is a full-body workout. The key difference between Cardio Barre and other barre classes, however, is that it is conducted in hot temperatures to induce increased perspiration. The result is the same full-body workout you enjoy from a typical barre class, with more calorie burn and range of motion. After Cardio Barre, you’ll notice more efficient lung capacity, improved balance and a sturdier core. Despite more sweating, this class is great for all fitness levels. The only requirement is that you’re prepared to engage your muscles and burn fat!

What you need to know:

  • Duration: TBD
  • Intensity level: All Levels

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